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Blanks Galore

Graduation Starter Kit

Graduation Starter Kit

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To make your journey even easier, we’ve created this all-in-one Graduation Starter Kit, which contains everything you’ll need to take your skills to the next level. 


The kit comes packed with…  


✅4 sheets of sticker paper

✅2 sheets of card stock, sticky glue, popsicle stick 

✅A dress

✅A graduation flag

✅A keychain

✅One pair of socks

✅A pillow

✅A grad cap with a tassel

✅An anti-virus mask

✅A stole (60-inch)

✅A shirt

✅A tumbler (20 oz)

✅And an air freshener


You get everything you need to elevate your Grad Season crafting skills in one, convenient box. 


“Buy Now Pay Later” options are available. 


Get your Graduation Kit while you still can! 


The number of available kits is limited. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Charisse Bryant
Graduation Starter Kit

This Grad Kit is packed with a lot of items for grad season. Ready to dive in a start sublimating these items!!! BG never disappoints!

Althea Hooks
Graduation Starter Kit

This kit is absolutely amazing and everything you need to start graduation. Blanks Galore needs to have a 1 trillion stars because the customer service and consistency is amazing. The products are top notch. I love it here and this is my forever family. You have blood family, but my crafting family is all I need in my life because I can stay uplifted and learn things endlessly. I have met sooooo many great people and I absolutely love it here!!!

Your #1 fan