*TIER 3* Crafter's Mastermind (one time fee, lifetime access) for Beginners & Beyond NO REFUNDS(all crafts including sublimation)

$199.00 $599.00

*TIER 3* Crafter's Mastermind (one time fee, lifetime access) for Beginners & Beyond NO REFUNDS(all crafts including sublimation)

$199.00 $599.00
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Welcome to Blanks Galore University ONLINE ONLY Tier 3 Crafters Mastermind for Beginners and Beyond. Where you will have lifetime access to over 99 different crafts.

Come join our exclusive lifetime Course “CRAFTERS MASTERMIND TIER” at blanksgalore.com. (Link in bio) and be sure to use sezzle at checkout so you don’t have to pay in full.

The Crafters Mastermind LIFETIME ACCESS includes teaching you how to

•Make an all over 3D shirt using a small heat press and printer

•Your own exclusive Facebook group to network with other likeminded crafters

•Giveaways such as heat presses, printers, sublimation ink, sublimation paper and more

•Weekly Q&A sessions along with free templates and exclusive designs

•Design in Affinity, Photoshop, Publisher, Adobe as a beginner to an intermediate

•Create custom party favors, chip bags, balloon arches, etc

•Sublimation, Silhouette, and Cricut 101

•Create svg’s and png’s

•Sublimate on cotton shirts

•Create custom graduation fans, stoles, shirts, caps, goodie boxes and buttons

•How to layer vinyl

•Design obituaries and magazine covers

•Epoxy tumblers, smoke trays, dominoes, etc

•Custom diva door wreaths for Christmas

•Create custom stickers


•Diaper Cakes

•Life size props and table center pieces

•Explosion box, rhinestone transfers, custom candle, custom ornaments and so much more


With growth comes change and the more I continue to grow then so will my networks.😍 When BGU first opened less than 2 years ago we had a couple of hundred people. Now we are at 57,000 members with thousands joining weekly!😮🙏🏾💪🏽🤷🏽‍♀️💚🐺

With the growth of the group it has made learning In a more smaller group setting very difficult! A good problem to have.😍 So BGU has created 2 seperate groups and soon there will be a 3rd.💪🏽 So if you join one group, NO that will not give you access to any new group I create.☺️

You must invest like the other students. So hear is a full breakdown of our tiers currently. You must READ through them all carefully and decide which one is best for you. Please note that if I decide to open a new network group tomorrow...NO you will not have access to all my network groups all because you paid for one. You will only have access to the network group you signed up for.💪🏽

TIER 1 👇🏽
Blanks Galore University: Tier 1 🐺💓💚 Sublimation Paper & Tutorials
-All around craft group for you to showcase your crafting skills.
-1 free sublimation tutorial every Friday and random pop up lives from time to time
- Random Giveaways from time to time but the group is now based around SHOWCASING YOUR CRAFT SKILLS THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO DO.
👉🏾Enroll into our FREE online classes at blanksgalore.com💓💚

Tier 3 (Now has their own seperate group😁🙌🏾💪🏽)
Crafters Mastermind (Tier 3 BGU💚💓🐺)

•Small private group only for Crafters who want to master their craft with the current classes that we already offer in Tier 3 and any new crafts we come up with.
-If it’s hard for you to learn in a big setting then this smaller group is for you.

Tier 3 perks 😝
-Weekly Q&A sessions with the admin
-Giveaways (heat presses, printers, much more)
-Lifetime Course and one time fee
-You must get off the subscription plan and pay the one time fee to have access to this group
-No this new group does not come with tier 4, tier 4 has its own group. 👀
-Only access to Tier 3 classes and no vendors
- Allows you to grow and network with other likeminded crafters
👉🏾Enroll at blanksgalore.com

Tier 4
Gold Club Wholesale Bootcamp ( TIER 4 BGU 💚💓🐺)
-Exclusive group only for entrepreneurs who want to sell sublimation blanks, get access to trusted vendors to help multiply their income, become their own blanks supplier, get their website started, gain their business articles such as your LLC, Sales Tax, Ein, Duns etc

Tier 4 perks 😝
-Access to all old and new classes included in Tier 1-3 added to tier 4
-Lifetime Course and one time fee
-Own Exclusive group (Gold Club only) to network, find shipping buddies, and accountability partners.
-We do not discuss crafting, but only blanks, vendors, and business articles.
-Weekly Q&A’s with the Gold Club admin team
-Pop up giveaways
👉🏾Enroll at blanksgalore.com


Please note there are NO REFUNDS. Please email support@blanksgalore.com for all questions related to your account.

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Kimberly Brewer
3 D shirt

I would like to see a full class done from beginning to end updated version.

Demecia Martin
Mastermind Review

This groups has truly been a blessing to me already, in my short timeframe of being a part of it! Everyone is amazing, and the new skills I have learned so far are great!

Marquita Hudson

I love it here I’m so glad I joined Coach Cassandra she is such a great motivational person!

LaShunda Overstreet
Five Star. I love everything about Blanks Galore.

I feel like family. Everyone is so nice and helpful and I know 100% in my heart I will be successful. The motivation in this group makes you so excited about the future. Thank you.

Mia Palmer
Great program

Great program but I bought it twice and can't get a refund on the second order