You can create the life you want and have fun doing it

We’re fired up about turning your passion into profit.

Girl, you got that dream in the back of your head that’s waiting to get out, but you don’t know where to start.

It’s like thats all you can think about when you’re at your 9-5 office job. Yes, you’re thankful for it, but you want more…

More freedom. That time freedom, financial freedom, and lifestyle freedom.

Come on girl, you want to be sipping margaritas on the beach in Cancun while running a successful business in the background. You want to build a business that generates consistent income so you can live financially independent.

But of course, you want an easier way to learn how to do so…

And thats where I come in & teach you everything I know about building a successful craft business:

Things were hard, but I
never gave up!

I was working an office job and felt so accomplished. It was my first office job and I had proven the world wrong– they told me I wasn’t good enough and here I was making a decent life for myself.

(Spoiler alert: I continue to prove them wrong to this day!)

But, I was also dealing with a lot of daily struggles outside of work like most of us. I needed a safe space to deal with it and so I started crafting. I started making custom t-shirts for family and friends and their priceless reactions gave me a reason to continue.

So I decided to start a business in 2017– Cassy Custom Designs– making custom t-shirts out my closet, while working my 9-5. I was making okay money but then one week in late 2019, I hit my first $1,000 week printing custom t-shirts and that was the moment I decided to quit my 9-5 to pursue my custom t-shirt business full-time! But it didn’t last very long...

Sometimes you have to pivot and learn from your failures.

I quickly realized that custom shirts were only seasonal and that people didn’t buy them 24/7. So after quitting my 9-5 and my t-shirt business slowing down, I started my second business- Blanks Galore selling wholesale sublimation blanks to the craft community in 2019. Since it was a new business then the money wasn’t coming in quite fast enough. So a few months later I got evicted from my apartment, and me and my son had to move into a hotel. But like I said, I didn’t give up. I started crafting and making custom t-shirts right out of my hotel by day and me and my son was packing sublimation blanks out of our storage unit by evening.Then one day I created a Facebook group “Blanks Galore Academy,” “called them my WOLFPACK tribe), turned on my camera and started going live from my hotel, showing them how to craft and make custom t-shirts as well. That’s when my life did a total 360.

With me staying consistent during the hard times, by 2020 Blanks Galore were bringing in 3k, 13k, then 87k months!

Since then we have been able to get 2 full warehouses located in Atlanta Ga, pushing out our own branded BG sublimation paper and sublimation ink. We also now provide the craft world with sublimation hands on classes , online classes, sublmation printers and heat presses for them to start their craft journey. And by the grace of God, since 2021, I have been able to hire my sisters, brothers, and mom full time, and we have managed to bring in multi 7 figures every 3 months. We have also grown a Facebook group community “Blanks Galore Academy,” of 80k+ crafters who want to learn how to take their hobby and turn it into profit.

We welcome crafters from all walks of their crafting journey– whether you’re a new crafter who wants to learn sublimation or an advanced crafter who wants to learn how to sell sublimation products– you’re in the right place!

Check out our Academy programs:
  • Crafters Mastermind (Sublimation Crafts for Beginners)
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  • Goldmine Sublimation Wholesale Club
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What We Value Here at Blanks Galore:

  • Community and accountability over competition

  • Hardwork and determination for the woman who wants to go all in

  • High-quality craft classes and sublimation products

We don’t settle for anything ordinary–
we go the extra mile when it comes to you!

To wrap it all up:

Blanks Galore is a sublimation training company whose mission is to teach crafters how to turn their hobby into a profit. We do this by providing a one-stop shop for all your crafting needs.

We offer online programs, hands on classes, ebooks, and sublimation products so that you can begin your crafting journey.

Because at the end of that day, we believe that you can build a successful business. We believe that you can start from nothing and turn that into something worth while!

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