BRUNCH WITH BAWSES (The Winners Circle)

BRUNCH WITH BAWSES (The Winners Circle)

BGU & The Winners Circle presents “Brunch With Bawses” in Atlanta Ga. 💚💓🐺Since we only have 36 seats available, we will open slots to sign up this Sunday September 19th at 8am est at

This event is filled with bawses ready to exchange knowledge and resources to help you grow your business successfully! We will be serving breakfast, and mimosas. Oh but the great food, mimosas and networking is all a bonus!

Please come with an open mind and have plenty of room for the knowledge that you will gain! This is a networking event and you never know who may gain something from getting to know YOU! Come prepared with plenty of business cards to share!

You must come dressed business casual, no tshirts or tennis shoes are allowed. In order to be a Bawse, you must conduct yourself as such!

The bawses panel is made up of:

A branding coach
A Business developer
A small business consultant
A digital marketing strategist
A business credit consultant
A Shopify website developer

Brunch with the bawses is sure to get you full in more than one way! This 2 day retreat networking event is designed with you in mind and you will with out a doubt leave with a perspective that will put you and your business in position to win! Afterall, this is The Winners Circle ⭕️

Flyer made by Michael R. McCoy Sr.